Book Events

Physical Health Update for Psychiatrists

This conference is led by multiple expert speakers.

Coroner's Court: Statement Writing & Giving Evidence

To provide delegates with the key skills and knowledge required to be a confident and capable factual witness at a coroner's inquest.

Essentials: Breaking the Mask & Cracking the Code of Psychopathic Traits: A Guide for Medical Practitioners

Bringing my extensive background of over 40 years in criminal psychology and exploration of the criminal mindset to this session, we will delve into the intricate world of psychopathic traits, uncovering the hidden nuances that can impact your medical interactions.

Potential Severe Adverse Effects of Psychotropic Medication - Understanding Risks and our Responsibilities

Beyond well understood side effects of the medication we prescribe some can have severe long-term or even permanent serious adverse effects for our patients.

Masterclass: Hearing Voices, Demonic and Divine

The course will draw on examples of spiritual voices from historical and theological perspectives, as well as from contemporary research, in order to better understand how such experiences can be meaningful, both in positive and negative ways, for patients and others.

Advances in Prescribing: General Adult Psychiatry

The course aims to cover the most recent updates on prescribing psychotropics in general adult psychiatry focusing both on common and complex mental health conditions. Novel psychopharmacological treatments, prescribing guidance, supporting evidence and literature updates will be discussed in the session.

Mindfulness in Work and in Life

This 1-day experiential course is based on the evidence-based MBSR course designed and researched by Prof Jon Kabat Zinn at Harvard. The course covers several important aspects of mindfulness and encourages home practice to be carried out.

Suicide Prevention & the Associated Risks & Preventive Factors

The talk will also focus on how the online environment could pose a risk for individuals with suicide ideation.

Masterclass: Compassionate Leadership in Mental Health

Compassionate Leadership in Mental Health – Practical Reflections on work in progress. This event will describe some attempts to work through what compassionate leadership looks like on the ground.