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Section 12 Refresher

Presented by the Andrew Sims Centre’s established Mental Health Law multi-professional training team.

Essentials: Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

This essentials workshop demystifies what neuropsychiatric behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia are and how best to support the patient and carer. Latest evidence base assessment, investigation and treatment will be discussed and explained in this interactive case based discussion course.

Depressive Illness in Older People

The remarkable growth of the population over the age of 65 means the detection, treatment and understanding of depression in older adults are of paramount importance and a major public health concern. This conference devoted to late-life depression will bring together prominent experts in this field in order to inform you of the multiple dimensions of this complex disorder. The aim of this conference is to heighten awareness and promote interventions for older people with depression during a time when there are ongoing service changes throughout the health service.

Essentials: Gambling Addiction

The liberalisation of our gambling laws in 2005 has changed the landscape. Modern commercial gambling is suported by a £15bn industry that uses £1.5bn advertising and marketing budget. Once behind frosted glass, we now have a super casino in our pockets and in our homes with access 24/7. This new public health crisis remains largely hidden from view. It is important that health services can identify and respond to gambling problems, which are commonly co-morbid with other mental health and impulse control problems

Masterclass: Parkinson's Disease - The Spectrum of Psychiatric and Physical Health Problems

Led by Dr Duncan Forsyth, the half day course will cover the differential diagnosis of Parkinsonian syndromes and tremor.

Essentials: Nutrition and Mental Health - Evidence and Debates

Those with mental health diagnoses can have significantly higher rates of physical illness.These can lead to significantly poorer health outcomes, reduced quality of life and potentially a significant effect on life-expectancy. In a world where we are overwhelmed with nutritional information this study day will focus on the diverse nutritional needs within mental health and look at how nutritional health can have a positive impact on physical health and overall well being.

Essentials: Endocrinology and the Mind

The session will cover the common shared problems and conditions between Mental Health Services and Endocrinology

Essentials: Psychological approaches to working with people who experience suicidal thoughts and behaviour

This interactive skills class aims to help practitioners feel more empowered in delivering evidence-based therapeutic approaches to talking with and interacting with people experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviour. We will present a brief overview of the nature and scale of suicide and suicidality (i.e., the continuum of suicidal thoughts, feelings, plans and behaviour) outlining contemporary research findings regarding psychological concepts of suicidality.

Autism and Gender

The virtual conference will discuss latest updates in topics such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Gender Incongruence and Using Acceptable Language.