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Essentials: Suicide Prevention and the Associated Risks and Preventive Factors

In 2020 there were 4912 suicides registered in England, 285 in Wales 219 in Northern Ireland and 805 in Scotland. The general tendency seems to present males as more at risk, with those coming from the North-east and deprived areas showing the highest rates of suicide attempts.

Essentials: Endocrinology and the Mind

The session will cover the common shared problems and conditions between Mental Health Services and Endocrinology

Approved Clinician Refresher

Presented by the Andrew Sims Centre’s established Mental Health Law multi-professional training team.

Masterclass: Assessment and Management of Personality Disorder

This talk will consider how we might understand the problems consistent with a ‘personality disorder’ diagnosis in a way which starts to illuminate how we might approach working with people who may attract the label.

Section 12 Induction

to 21 Mar 2023

Presented by the Andrew Sims Centre’s established Mental Health Law multi-professional training team.

Essentials: Females & Understanding Masking in Autism

Learn about the differences between the male and female presentation, how they can be misread and the tools that are used to blend in with their surroundings. Support to encourage less masking is also included

Epilepsy: A Clinical Update

Epilepsy is a chronic neurologic disorder that affects about 80 million people worldwide. Although most people with epilepsy respond well to pharmacologic treatments, about one-third have a drug resistant form. There is high variability in epilepsy, and correct diagnosis and treatment are fundamental to improve health outcomes.

Masterclass: Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy

Life can be very difficult for us and our clients. Compassion and the development of self-compassion can provide the support we all need to manage life’s challenges.

Advances in Prescribing: General Adult Psychiatry

The course aims to cover the most recent updates on prescribing psychotropics in general adult psychiatry focusing both on common and complex mental health conditions. Novel psychopharmacological treatments, prescribing guidance, supporting evidence and literature updates will be discussed in the session.