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Emotional Processing Therapy for PTSD

Using a mixture of teaching, skills training, role play, discussion and exploring case studies, this workshop will explore what an emotional processing style is and how this is relevant to the development and presentation of PTSD.

Essentials: Transgender Healthcare

Transgender Healthcare is an important and growing field of practise. This workshop will provide an introduction and core knowledge of transgender healthcare for those working outside of the field.

Using EMDR in Therapeutic Practice with Children

This talk will look at case studies of children and teenagers who have experienced developmental trauma and look at how EMDR could be an effective intervention method for them

Time Management

A one day interactive workshop designed to develop efficient and effective use of the only finite resource, time.

Autism Diagnostic Observations Schedule, ADOS - Second Edition

to 21 May 2020

Led by Dr Carol Stott from Beginning with A Autism Consultancy and Training, this comprehensive course provides in-depth coverage of ADOS-2.

Section 12 Induction

to 22 May 2020

Presented by the Andrew Sims Centre’s established Mental Health Law multi-professional training team.

What's New in Psychopharmacology?

This conference chaired by Dr Tariq Mahmood is designed for clinically active psychiatrists who wish to update their knowledge of recent developments in pharmacological treatments for common mental health problems in one day. There will be the opportunity to compare and discuss practice with other clinicians as well as hear from the experts in the field.

Introduction to Down's Syndrome

Life expectancy for people with Down's Syndrome is now 65/70 years of age, yet in 1983 it was just 25 years. It has been suggested that it will be the first generation of people with Down syndrome to outlive their parents. Society needs to embrace this and strive to ensure expectations of development and inclusion improve.

Management Training Skills: Become a High Performance Manager

Delegates will learn fundamental managerial techniques for confidently managing a high performing team.