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Introduction to Mentalisation Based Interventions

This workshop will introduce you to the key concepts which are central to MBT and provide you with some tools for using ‘mentalisation’ in your work with service users.

Mental Health Patient Safety Event

This event is designed for people working in mental health to come together to reflect on how we can improve the safety of our patients. There will be talks from experts, sharing of good practice and time for discussion with the opportunity to build networks.

Section 12 Induction

to 19 Mar 2024

Presented by the Andrew Sims Centre’s established Mental Health Law multi-professional training team.

Depressive Illness in Older People

The remarkable growth of the population over the age of 65 means the detection, treatment and understanding of depression in older adults are of paramount importance and a major public health concern.

Essentials: Mindfulness and its Impact on our everyday Professional Practice

Many practitioners are primarily employed to have conversations to deliver support and to promote change.

Digital Transformation by Design

An introduction to human-centred design mindsets and methods in NHS digital transformation. A 6 module course with 18 hours contact time + 4 hours independent study time.

CBT for Depression

In this workshop you will learn how to use these techniques in everyday practice, in an individual or multidisciplinary setting.

Voices of Self-Harm & Suicide

The workshop address the links and connections between self-harm and suicide, but also treats these as independent constructs

Section 117 Mental Health Act 1983 - Why is it so complicated?

Section 117 Mental Health Act 1983 - Why is it so complicated & how to get what the patient needs?