Book Events

Section 12 Refresher

Presented by the Andrew Sims Centre’s established Mental Health Law multi-professional training team.

Masterclass: Parkinson’s Disease: The Spectrum of Physical and Psychiatric Health Issues

We will cover: the differential diagnosis of Parkinsonian syndromes and tremor; the pathophysiology and aetiology of Parkinson’s disease

Forensic Psychiatry Conference

This conference is led by multiple expert speakers.

Masterclass: Compassionate Leadership in Mental Health

This event will describe some attempts to work through what compassionate leadership looks like on the ground.

Section 117 Mental Health Act 1983 - Why is it so complicated?

Section 117 Mental Health Act 1983 - Why is it so complicated & how to get what the patient needs?

Annual Dementia Conference

Andrew Sims Centre are hosting an annual conference about the relevant updates in Dementia.

Masterclass: Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy

Life can be very difficult for us and our clients. Compassion and the development of self-compassion can provide the support we all need to manage life’s challenges.

CBT for Depression

In this workshop you will learn how to use these techniques in everyday practice, in an individual or multidisciplinary setting.

Suicide Prevention & the Associated Risks & Preventive Factors

Led by Dr Calli Tzani, this talk will cover suicide prevention strategies, risk factors, preventive measures, suicide notes, and raise awareness about suicide behavior. It will also discuss the risks of the online environment for individuals with suicidal thoughts.