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Treating Medically Unexplained Symptoms with Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

This one-day workshop will provide an overview of the theoretical framework of ISTDP and a review of the current evidence base. The unique elements of ISTDP will be highlighted, including: the emphasis on the somatic experience of emotions in the here and now; monitoring unconscious signaling of anxiety in the body; and an active approach to maladaptive defence mechanisms.

Using Theraplay in Therapeutic Practice with Children

This talk will look at case studies of children and teenagers who have experienced developmental trauma and look at how Theraplay could be an effective intervention method for them.

Management of Those Who Sexually Offend & Internet Offenders

This is an all-day workshop which will cover risk assessment and management of those who have offended sexually. There will be a particular focus on sub groups of offenders where there have been recent developments, for example internet offenders, those who present a long term risk of re-offending and also the aging sex offender population

"Deformed, Defective and Flawed" Approaches to Body Dysmorphic Disorder

The purpose of this workshop is to provide greater insight into this presentations, and to orientate the professional in the direction that treatment might take.

Understanding the ECG: Principles and Interpretation

Understanding the ECG: Principles and Interpretation

Solution Focused Conversation

This workshop is an introduction to what the Solution Focused Model is, what it is not, and how delegates can use it in their work. Delegates will be taken through the structure of a session, visual resources and tools devised by the speaker and will take part in experiential exercises, throughout the workshop. No Role Plays are used – all exercises are real and private.

Compassion Focused Therapy

Based on the work of Prof Paul Gilbert (OBE) this interactive introductory workshop aims to help you learn more about CFT and understand more about our tricky brains and ways to manage them.

Introduction to Down Syndrome

Life expectancy for people with Down syndrome is now 65/70 years of age, yet in 1983 it was just 25 years. It has been suggested that it will be the first generation of people with Down syndrome to outlive their parents. Society needs to embrace this and strive to ensure expectations of development and inclusion improve.

Section 12 Refresher

Presented by the Andrew Sims Centre’s established Mental Health Law multi-professional training team.