Evening Update: Autism Spectrum Disorder - Update for the Generalist

Autism affects approximately 1% of people in the UK. Amongst patients accessing mental health services this prevalence rises to about 4%. Autism is associated with a wide range of physical health, mental health, and social care issues, so it is essential that all health and social care practitioners have a good working knowledge of autism. This course will provide you with a refresher about autism basics, a timely update on the latest developments in autism, and hints and tips for working with autistic service users.

Understanding Language Deprivation in CAMHS

The language deprivation pandemic is a hidden one that effects approximately 70% of deaf children in the UK, and been around in the early 19th Century, yet we are still learning about the lasting effects. It is considered a safeguarding concern, and everyone has responsibility to abolish this practice.

Essentials: Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a leading cause of death UK-wide, accounting for over 6,000 deaths and 120,000 suicide attempts annually. Suicide prevention is a government and NHS priority yet traditional approaches have had little impact and suicidal individuals and their clinicians often report feeling stressed and ill equipped for such work. Recent research on the psychological factors of suicidality may offer new directions for practitioners at every level to understand and work therapeutically with people who experience suicidal thoughts and behaviour.

Evening Update: Schizophrenia Trials - Past, Present & Future Implications for Clinical Practice

More than 100 years ago Kraepelin described the psychotic disorder with poor prognosis which later gained the term schizophrenia. Advent of antipsychotics in the 20th century changed the perception of the illness to some degree. Antipsychotic medications are the mainstay of treatment in schizophrenia and their efficacy is supported by variable quality of evidence.

Essentials: Impact of Early Trauma on Emotions and Behaviours

The half day will focus on exploring the impact of early trauma on the development of the brain, and a child's attachment patterns.

Evening Update: Understanding the ECG

Understanding the ECG

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