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Essentials: Females & Understanding Masking in Autism

Tuesday 18th April 2023

Virtual via Zoom

9.00am Registration, 9.30am Welcome and 12.30pm Close


Typically it is more difficult to diagnose females who are autistic. This starts at the diagnostic criteria and also the way in which autistic females typically mask. Understanding and accepting this point will aid professionals to look more broadly at the subject and autistics themselves to understand more about themselves, and their place in the world.

Led by Sam Ramsay, Manager, Curly Hair Project, learn about the differences between the male and female presentation, how they can be misread and the tools that are used to blend in with their surroundings. Support to encourage less masking is also included.

After attending this course delegates will be able to:

  • Know what the autistic female presentation is
  • Understand how it differs to the male presentation
  • Know how and why autistics mask
  • Support peers/friends to mask less