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Evening Update: Eating Disorders The Importance of Early Intervention

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Virtual Event via Zoom

5.45pm Registration, 6.00pm Welcome and 8.00pm, Close


Eating disorders encompass physical, psychological and social pathologies that increase risk. Eating disorders cause significant psychiatric morbidity and the adverse physical consequences of dieting, weight loss and purging can sometimes prove fatal with anorexia nervosa having the highest mortality of any psychiatric condition (Arcelus et al, 2011). Appropriate physical risk management is required together with early diagnosis and intervention in order to improve prognosis and reduce mortality rates.

The workshop will cover the latest national clinical outcome data linked to early
intervention pathways in the under 25s (FREED- first episode and rapid early
intervention for eating disorders). It too will consider the effective use of social
media and online support to aid early intervention and thereby reduce the
duration of untreated illness. Exploration of the current MaRSiPAN (Management
of Really Sick Patients with Anorexia Nervosa) (RCPsych, 2014) guidelines will include service user experience and perspectives.

 After attending this course delegates will be able to ....

  • Understand based on clinical outcome data the importance of early intervention pathways
  • Understand how to manage physical risk in eating disorders (MaRSiPAN)
  • Appreciate a service user’s experience of accessing both MaRSiPAN and early intervention pathways in West Yorkshire