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Sleep Masterclass

Monday 14th November 2022

Virtual Event via Zoom

9am Registration, 9.30am Welcome and 4.30pm, Close


Sleep disorders involve problems with the quality, frequency and amount of sleep, which impacts functioning and  wellbeing with long term health and economic consequences. There are several sleep disorders of which Insomnia is the commonest. Sleep disorders in people with mental illness and emotional difficulties are less understood and possibly under recognised or misdiagnosed. Mental illness can contribute or exacerbate sleep difficulty. This multi-speaker programme aims to provide a comprehensive study day capturing the salient topics relevant for a busy clinician.

This sleep masterclass is aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of  sleep disorders to help busy clinicians identify, assess and manage common sleep presentations in children and adults with emotional difficulties and mental disorders. The program intent to  cover various dimensions of sleep disorders. This year the focus will be on Insomnia , effects to psychotropic  medications on sleep and  useful treatment options.

 After attending this course delegates will be able to…

  • Understand  common sleep difficulties in people presenting with emotional difficulties and mental illness
  • How to write a person centred and trauma
    informed sleep care plan
  • Therapies and medications