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Essentials: Psychological Approaches to Chronic Pain

Tuesday 23rd May 2023

Virtual event via Zoom

9.15am Login, 9.30am Start and 1.00pm Close


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Chronic Pain is common and a leading cause of disability in the UK and abroad. Medical and surgical treatments are of limited value, and sometimes actively problematic (e.g. opioids). Psychological treatments are accepted as effective; mental health professionals have relevant skills in this area, and yet can alienate patients with the wrong approach. 

Dr Jeremy Gauntlett-Gilbert, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Bath Centre for Pain Services will summarise key basic science on chronic pain, which poorly understood outside of pain specialty settings. We will look at the role of psychological approaches, the goal of treatment, and how to engage the patient. Examples of acceptance and values-based techniques will be demonstrated. 

After attending this course delegates will be able to:

1. Understand key points from 50 years of chronic pain research 

2. See how psychological techniques can be applied, how to frame the goals of treatment (and how not to) 

3. Reflect on how to work with colleagues in pain and community services

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