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Evening Update: Sexual Offenders - Not One Size Fits All

Tuesday 30th November 2021

Virtual Event via Zoom

5.45pm Registration/Login, 6.00pm Welcome and 8.00pm Close


Sexual offending and sexually inappropriate behaviour is multifarious. The definition of some offences are culture bound, culture has shifted dramatically in the last few years in relation to what behaviour will be tolerated, meanwhile evidenced based treatments for sexual offending are relatively lacking and generally not considered core business in mental health services. Sexual offenders come from every class, race and ethnic group of society. All of these issues can render the management of mentally disordered sexual offenders highly uncertain and anxiety provoking.

Led by Dr Clare Stephenson, this talk will outline the many and varied ways that problematic sexual behaviour and offending in adults present to non-specialist psychiatrists (those not working in specialist clinics for sexual offenders). There will be an overview of psychodynamic concepts, comorbidities and approaches to safeguarding, treatment options, statutory and non-statutory interventions. The primary focus will be for the non-specialist practitioner to feel more confident in being able to take an appropriate history, including a provisional risk assessment and have an idea what options are available that could help within secondary care, while referring to safeguarding and criminal justice organisations where necessary.

After attending this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the approach undertaken within forensic psychiatry services and feel more confident regarding the role of mental health services in general
  • Feel more confident when problematic sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviours require interventions to safeguard potential victims
  • Know what treatment interventions can be accessed within general secondary services and to increase awareness of the benefits of non-specific interventions (with reference to the Good Lives Model)