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Essentials: Assessment and Diagnosis of Dementia in People with Learning Disability

Friday 22nd January 2021

Virtual Event via Zoom

12.15pm Online Registration, 12:30pm Welcome and 4.30pm, Close


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People with a Learning Disability (Intellectual Disability) have impairment of cognitive functions that are associated with significant difficulties throughout their lives in learning, adaptive behaviour and skills. As a result, dementia may present quite differently and it can be a challenge to recognise and assess. This has been recognised in a Royal College of Psychiatrists and British Psychological Society co-publication “Dementia and People with Intellectual Disabilities”, as well as NICE guidelines NG97 (2018) “Dementia: assessment, management and support for people living with dementia and their carers” and NG54 (2016) "Mental health problems in people with learning disabilities: prevention, assessment and management.”

Led by Dr Alwyn Kam, Specialty Doctor in Psychiatry of Learning Disability, Learning Disability Services, Leeds and York Partnership Foundation NHS Trust. This talk will cover an introduction to the assessment and diagnosis of dementia in people with learning disability (LD), with some background on prevalence in people with and without Down’s Syndrome. I will cover the challenges with recognising, assessing and diagnosing dementia in people with LD as well as experience of doing so having helped to develop a dementia care pathway in the subject.

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