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Anxiety and Communication in Autism

Tuesday 27th September 2022

Virtual Event via Zoom

9.15am Login, 9.30am Welcome and 12.30pm Close


The purpose of this event is to provide insight about how an autistic experiences anxiety and the communication difficulties that affect them in everyday life. The event aims to provide understanding and also strategies to support that person.

Written by an autistic adult and delivered by a parent of an autistic child, Curly Hair Project training will give insight into the experience of an autistic person. With explanations about what is experienced, the training will give you strategies to try which could really help. The training is based on books written by Alis Rowe. For information, see

After attending this course delegates will be able to…
- Know what the autistic person experiences in day-to-day life
- Learn key strategies to enable the autistic to understand and be understood more easily