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Essentials: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

Tuesday 03rd November 2020

Virtual Event via Zoom

12.00pm Registration, 12.30pm Welcome and 4.30pm Close


CFS/ME is a condition which harbours more opinions than facts. Misunderstandings about the condition continue to prevent patients from being able to access appropriate care. The NICE guidelines of 2007 are in the process of being revised. Research is leading to advancements in our understanding of the mechanisms which underlay the symptoms of CFS/ME and may also give clues to the causes of fatigue in other conditions.

Led by Dr Vikki McKeever, GP with a specialist interest in CFS/ME LYPFT, and Deborah Taylor DipCOT, MSc Clinical Lead for the Therapy Service CFS/ME LYPFT, this talk aims to give an opportunity to reflect on the history of this condition and how it has been approached previously. We will update you on what services do currently both in terms of the diagnostic process and also approaches to therapy. We will then collectively look forward to consider what the future provision of care for people with CFS/ME should look like.

After attending this course delegate will be able to: 

  • Understand the progress that has been made in our understanding of the condition
  • Feel more confident to recognise CFS/ME and distinguish it from other conditions which cause significant fatigue
  • Use some basic strategies to help patients manage fatigue symptoms