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Emotional Processing Therapy for PTSD

Using a mixture of teaching, skills training, role play, discussion and exploring case studies, this workshop will explore what an emotional processing style is and how this is relevant to the development and presentation of PTSD.

Essentials: Transgender Healthcare

Transgender Healthcare is an important and growing field of practise. This workshop will provide an introduction and core knowledge of transgender healthcare for those working outside of the field.

Using EMDR in Therapeutic Practice with Children

This talk will look at case studies of children and teenagers who have experienced developmental trauma and look at how EMDR could be an effective intervention method for them

Time Management

A one day interactive workshop designed to develop efficient and effective use of the only finite resource, time.

Autism Diagnostic Observations Schedule, ADOS - Second Edition

to 21 May 2020

Led by Dr Carol Stott from Beginning with A Autism Consultancy and Training, this comprehensive course provides in-depth coverage of ADOS-2.

Management Training Skills: Become a High Performance Manager

Delegates will learn fundamental managerial techniques for confidently managing a high performing team.

Essentials: An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

This training will briefly introduce participants to the theory and research behind Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and introduce the concept of Psychological Flexibility.

Masterclass: Brain Injury in Mental Health Services

Significant number of people with brain injury presents to mainstream mental health services including emergency setting, community care, inpatient and forensic setting. Their presentations can be at times challenging to manage, difficult to understand, and appropriate assessment and interventions may not be easily accessible. Better understanding and awareness among clinicians can help to improve the management of these patients and help access appropriate interventions.

Treating Anxiety Disorders with Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

This one-day workshop will provide an overview of the theoretical framework of ISTDP and the ways in which this approach is used to treat anxiety disorders. The unique elements of the model will be highlighted, including: the emphasis on the somatic experience of emotions in the here and now; monitoring unconscious signalling of anxiety in the body; and an active approach to maladaptive defence mechanisms