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On Call Situations & Challenges

On Call Situations & Challenges: All you wanted to ask about difficult on-call scenarios

Assessment and Management of Addictions

The purpose of the talk is to update the attendees on addictions assessment and management. The talk will mainly cover drug (including novel psychoactive substances and club drugs) and alcohol use disorders, harms of addiction, causes of addiction, screening and specialist assessment for addictions and biopsychosocial interventions for addictions.

Evening Update: Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice

Attachment theory helps to understand why patients get stuck with long-term difficulties. Attachment theory underpins many therapies (Compassion Focused therapy, Schema Therapy, MBT and Attachment Narrative Therapy) and using these skills in routine practice is relevant to anyone interested in person centered psychiatry.

Autism Diagnostic Interview, Revised (ADI-R)

to 26 May 2021

This three-day course will train you in the use of the Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI-R).

Evening Update: Psychotropic Medication in Pregnancy and Lactation

Many mental health professionals will work with women in the childbearing age and with about 40% of pregnancies being unplanned, an understanding of the use of psychotropic medication in pregnancy and lactation is important.

Essentials: Gambling Addiction

The liberalisation of our gambling laws in 2005 has changed the landscape. Modern commercial gambling is suported by a £15bn industry that uses £1.5bn advertising and marketing budget. Once behind frosted glass, we now have a super casino in our pockets and in our homes with access 24/7. This new public health crisis remains largely hidden from view. It is important that health services can identify and respond to gambling problems, which are commonly co-morbid with other mental health and impulse control problems

Giving Evidence at a Parole Hearing

The aims of the workshop will be to consider how to address the legal test in the context of conducting a risk assessment