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Voices of Self-Harm and Suicide

Monday 03rd October 2022

Holiday Inn Express Leeds, Cavendish Street, Leeds, LS3 1LY

9.00am Registration, 9.30am Welcome and 4.30pm Close


This workshop focuses upon the topic of self-harm, suicide and attempted suicide in young people and adults. There is a prolific swathe of literature upon self-harm and attempted suicide and yet it remains one of the major challenges in working clinically with young people and adults who wish to end their lives. The World Health Organisation (WHO, 2014) recognises that individuals who attempt suicide pay a very high toll and that those individuals who complete suicide bring devastating heartbreak to their families. Every year over 800,000 people worldwide die by suicide and it is the second leading cause of death in the 15-29 year-old category. There are indications that for each adult who has died of suicide there have been twenty others who have attempted suicide. The UK government has responded to this phenomenon by introducing some excellent guidelines (NICE 2004, 2011; 2017) and these will be discussed and examined. Yet more importantly, the workshop critically examines contemporary ideas, research,
clinical practice and the voice of the suicidal individual.

Led by Dr Terence Nice, Lecture in Psychological Therapies at the University of Kent, Highly Specialist Psychotherapist (NELFT) Visiting Lecturer Regent’s University London, the workshop addresses the links and connections between self-harm and suicide, but also treats these as independent constructs. The workshop is designed to be interactive, thought provoking and practical with the presenter having written pamphlets and designed a self-harm tool-kit for discussion and distribution. The morning session will consider suicide attempts and suicide with the afternoon session focusing upon self-injury with a special emphasis upon self-cutting. It is hoped that delegates will bring their own expertise and own clinical stories to the event. 

After attending this course delegates will be able to: 

  • Have a deeper understanding and increased knowledge of self-harm and suicide 
  • Know and reflect upon the warning signs of suicide 
  • Reflect upon theory, practice and research and how these interact and implement new changes