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Suicide Prevention & the Associated Risks & Preventive Factors

Tuesday 17th September 2024

Leeds Venue TBC

9:00am Registration, 9:30am Welcome and 4:30pm Close


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Led by Dr Calli Tzani the talk will focus on suicide prevention strategies, will assist in identifying the risks and preventive factors related to suicide and suicide attempts, examine suicide notes, as well as increase awareness about suicide behaviour. The talk will also focus on how the online environment could pose a risk for individuals with suicide ideation.

In 2020, suicide rates in the UK varied by region, with males from the North-east and deprived areas at higher risk. Factors contributing to suicide include psychological, financial, and sociological issues, as well as crises, abuse, mental health problems, and substance misuse. Support for those with suicidal thoughts has some effectiveness, but online interactions can sometimes have negative outcomes.

After attending this course delegates will be able to…

  • Understand the suicide risk and preventive factors
  • Understand suicide behaviour
  •  Familiarise with suicide prevention measures
  •  Familiarise with suicide notes 


This course offers 6 CPD points and is suitable for is suitable for mental health practitioners who encounter people who experience suicidality. 

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