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Psychological Safety and Civility in the Workplace: A Workshop for NHS Teams

Monday 04th November 2024

Leeds Venue TBC

09.00am Welcome and Registration, 09.30am Start and 4.30pm Finish


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Led by Dr Sarah Cooper, from Doctors Training this workshop shall be interactive and , participants will gain practical strategies for creating a culture of psychological safety and civility in their teams, leading to improved patient care and staff well-being.

What will be covered?

Understanding Psychological Safety: Gain an in-depth understanding of the concept of
psychological safety, its importance in the workplace, and how it affects individual and team performance.

Creating a Culture of Respect and Civility: Explore strategies for creating a culture of respect
and civility in the workplace, promoting positive interactions among team members.

Open Communication and Feedback: Learn the importance of open communication and
feedback, and how to effectively provide feedback to colleagues and receive feedback from others.

Empowering and Supporting Team Members: Provide strategies for empowering and supporting team
members, promoting a sense of belonging and trust among colleagues.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Explore the role of emotional intelligence in creating
a culture of psychological safety and civility, promoting self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication.

Action Planning: Develop an action plan to implement strategies for creating a culture of psychological safety and civility in their teams, promoting improved patient
care and staff well-being. 

After attending this course delegates will be able to…

  •  Participants will be able to define psychological safety and articulate its critical role in enhancing team performance and workplace well-being.
  • Learners will develop competencies in fostering an environment of respect and
    civility, applying practical strategies to encourage positive team dynamics and collaboration.
  • Attendees will acquire skills in open communication and giving constructive feedback
    alongside strategies for empowering team members, thereby promoting a supportive and emotionally intelligent leadership approach.


This course offers 6 CPD points and is suitable for Postgraduate doctors, SAS, local employed doctors, consultants, and allied healthcare professionals.

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