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Essentials: Assessing Fitness to Plead and Fitness to be Interviewed

Thursday 30th January 2020

The Met Hotel, King Street, LS1 2HQ

12.00pm Registration and Lunch , 12.30pm Welcome and 4.45pm, Close


The outcome of your comment on a person’s fitness to be interviewed and fitness to plead will greatly impact the Criminal Justice Process, and you may be asked to justify your findings in court.   

Led by Dr Mike Ventress, this seminar gives you a good understanding of the processes. You will learn the difference between the assessments of fitness to be interviewed by the police, and fitness to plead in court.  You will learn about the safeguards and consequences for people found unfit. The outcome of this seminar is for you to enable fair, robust and legal procedures on behalf of mentally disordered detainees and allow you to give reliable evidence in court.