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Solution Focused Conversation

Thursday 12th March 2020

Holiday Inn Express, Armouries Drive, Leeds, LS10 1LE

9.00am Registration, 9.30am Welcome and 4.30pm Close


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The Solution Focused Brief Therapy model was developed by Steve deShazer, a psychotherapist who studied under Milton Erickson, the foremost hypnotherapist in the world, in the 1950s. Instead of using hypnosis, deShazer would prefer to have conversations about any small exception to the prevailing problem and about what was working well.  deShazer maintained that conversations about the potential of tomorrow could be helpful rather than only tracing the pathology of the problem and so developed the strengths-based model. Used extensively across Social Care, Mental Health, Education and Healthcare – this model recognises the individual as the expert on the individual.

The Approach is In keeping with the Five Statutory Principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005:

  • A presumption of capacity – every adult has the right to make his or her own decision and must be assumed to have
    capacity to do so unless it is proved otherwise.
  • The right for individuals to be supported to make their own decision – people must be given all appropriate help before anyone concludes that they cannot make their own
  • That individuals must retain the right to make what might be seen as eccentric or unwise decisions.
  • Best interest – anything done for or on behalf of people without capacity must be in their best interest.
  • Least restrictive intervention - anything done for or on behalf of people without capacity should be an option that is less restrictive of their basic – as long as it is still in
    their best interests.

Led by Eileen Murphy, Senior Consultant, London, this workshop is an introduction to what the Solution Focused Model is, what it is not, and how delegates can use it in their work. Delegates will be taken through the structure of a session, visual resources and tools devised by the speaker and will take part in experiential exercises, throughout the workshop. No Role Plays are used - all exercises are real and private.

After attending this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of the Model
  • Understand the language of the Model
  • Use the model appropriately 

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