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Masterclass: Brain Injury in Mental Health Services

Thursday 18th November 2021

Virtual Event via Zoom

12.15pm Registration/Login, 12.30 Welcome and 4.30pm Close


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Significant number of people with Brain Injury presents to mainstream Mental Health services including emergency setting, community care, inpatient and forensic setting. Their presentations can be at times challenging to manage, difficult to understand, and appropriate assessment and interventions may not be easily accessible. Better understanding and awareness among clinicians can help to improve the management of these patients and help access appropriate interventions.

Led by Dr Thomas Elanjithara, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, Disabilities Trust, Consultant Psychiatrist in North Yorkshire Adult ADHD & ASD NHS Partnership Service, Retreat York and Dr Miles Rogish, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Disabilities Trust, Associate Lecturer University of York, Department of Psychology, the purpose of this talk is to increase awareness of Brain Injury related presentations in the mainstream Mental Health Services and discuss the possible interventions in these settings. We will also look to understand challenging presentations in Brain Injury that do not easily fit into mainstream psychiatric treatment settings. The main areas covered will be an overview of different types of Brain Injuries and presentations, classification of Brain Injury severity and outcome, clinical presentations and comorbidities, role of Mental Health Act and DoLS in Brain Injury Preventions, Capacity Assessment, Anosognosia and Capacity to Consent and overview of Pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions.

After attending this course delegates will be able to:

  • Increase understanding of clinical presentations of patients with brain injury under their care.
  • Consider appropriate mental health legislation when treating brain injury patients.
  • Address service level interventions to avail appropriate care


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