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SAPROF and HCR20v3

Wednesday 04th March 2020 - Thursday 05th March 2020

The Met Hotel, King Street, Leeds LS1 2HQ

9am Registration, 9.30am Welcome and 4.30pm Close (Both Days)


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HCR-20 tool is the world’s leading Violence Risk Assessment instrument. It’s a practical tool for the clinical assessment of risk of violence in the mentally disordered, in forensic and general adult psychiatric services. HCR-20 is designed to assist individual clinicians and multidisciplinary teams form structured, evidence based, individual risk management plans. SAPROF is a structured checklist designed for you to use alongside tools such as the HCR20v3. This two day workshop will familiarise you with both HCR20v3 and SAPROF tools, teaching you to use them in your clinical practice. This course is also suitable for you if you have already attended the previous HCR version training.

After you have attended this workshop, you will be:

- More familiar with the basic principles of the assessment and management of the risk of violence and appreciate the benefits of protective factors in risk assessment, formulation and management.
- Competent in the use of the HCR-20 as a basis for conducting risk assessments in your clinical practice
- Able to formulate structured risk assessments and risk management plans
- Informed on the reasoning for using the SAPROF and able to use it in your clinical practice and research.

Please note, this price does not include the SAPROF and HCR20v3 manual and worksheets. If you would like to attend this course and receive the manuals and worksheets then please click here.

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