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Masterclass: Digital Innovations in Mental Health - Opportunities in Clinical Practice

Wednesday 08th September 2021

Virtual Event via Zoom

12.15pm Online Registration, 12.30pm Start and 4.30pm Finish


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Digital healthcare technologies including genomics, digital medicine, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are increasingly being used to address global healthcare challenges, with a rapid acceleration during the Covid pandemic. There is considerable focus on mental health and wellbeing, with a recognition globally that the pandemic has had an ‘unequal impact’ on those with mental illness. Given the limited resources and trained professionals, mental health and wellbeing needs can only be addressed by adopting digital technologies in all aspects of care delivery. This presents an exciting opportunity where the readiness of the health system market and the focus of mental health technology companies is now converging. 

Led by Dr Pramod Prabhakaran, this session we will explore emerging technologies that are transforming mental health and well-being globally. Key technological advances in telemedicine, wearables, digital therapies, genomics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality will be explored together with their applications in research and clinical care. We will discuss the MedTech Super Connector programme’s mental health and wellbeing cohort, discuss evidence requirements for digital health innovations including human factors, and focus on examples of impactful innovations.

After attending this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the key technologies and their impact on mental healthcare
  • Consider application of technologies in their workplace, including setting up of evaluation test beds
  • Learn the innovators journey and consider opportunities within the UK innovation ecosystem

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