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Chimp Management in Medicine

Tuesday 04th February 2020

The Met Hotel, King Street, Leeds, LS1 2HQ

9am Registration, 9:30am Welcome and 4:30pm Close


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The Chimp Model is the critically acclaimed model for mind management developed by Psychiatrist Professor Steve Peters. The model is based on neuroscientific principles and takes what we know from the latest thinking in neuroscience into an accessible and workable model that has been used to help individuals, professionals and organisations in all fields. The model has gained notoriety through the success that is has achieved in the world of elite sport, but has also been used with success in helping people to manage their minds and flourish. The model has great versatility and has been used with NHS organisations and in particular health professionals to help them with the specific and unique challenges that they may face.

Dr Trevor Gedeon, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Chimp Management Ltd., will deliver a day of workshops that will explore the Chimp Model. Delegates will gain an understanding and insight into the principles of the Chimp Model. They will then be encouraged to use this in their understanding of themselves and others. The workshops will then explore how we can use this understanding to develop ways to manage our minds and finally use this to gain personal and professional success.

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