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CBT for Depression

Wednesday 16th September 2020

Virtual Event via Zoom

9.00am Registration, 9.30am Welcome and 4.30pm Close


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You do not need to have had any prior training on CBT to attend this course.

Depression is the ‘common cold’ of mental disorders and remains an important cause of disability across health services. NICE recommends Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as a key evidence-based treatment for mild, moderate, severe and recurrent depression. This is now being implemented across the NHS via IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) programme.

Cognitive therapy helps patients modify unhelpful patterns of thinking. Behaviour therapy breaks the vicious cycle of doing less through ‘behavioural activation’ and mindfulness involves developing an awareness of one’s own thoughts without becoming involved. In this workshop you will learn how to use these techniques in everyday practice, in an individual or multidisciplinary setting.

 This course aims to provide delegates with:

  • The ability to summarise the basic principles of CBT for depression
  • Motivate patients towards practical change using Socratic questioning, a personalised formulation, thought records and activity diaries
  • Troubleshoot common problems when applying CBT




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